3 Newly Elected Reps Will Refuse to Swear In on the Bible or Say ‘So Help Me God’

Three newly-elected Representatives to the US House say they will not swear in on the bible or say “so help me God.” They insist, instead, on using the Quran and saying “Allahu Akbar.” According to Article 2 section 18 sub-section 30 of the US Constitution, all US Representatives must swear before God on the bible.

What that means is that these three will not legally represent their districts and their votes won’t be counted. Taxpayers in Dearborn, Michigan and Portland, Oregon are already gearing up for a legal battle so they don’t up under-represented.

Nancy Pelosi, slated to be the next Speaker of the House, said:

“I think it’s great what these women are doing. They refuse to conform to our societal standards. Rather than vilify them for expressing their 1st Amendment rights, we should applaud them and move to change the Constitution to be more accepting of the Muslamic religion.”

So now, we’ll have heathens on the Hill and a Speaker looking to include more possible enemies in the governing of our country. Wasn’t eight years enough?

A federal appeals judge is waiting for the lawsuits so he can order the Reps removed from Congress if they don’t take their sworn oath. That will give the Republicans control again and Trump can finally be off the hook.

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