BREAKING: Mueller Bombshell Ties Clinton Foundation to Putin

According to a report dropped just moments ago in the US District Court in our Russian Embassy, Vladimir Putin has been charged with colluding with the Clinton Foundation to “launder money, traffic in drugs, sex and weapons, and secure the 2016 and 2020 elections, first for Trump and then for Joe Biden.

The plan was simple. Put Trump in the White House and while he’s being investigated, run behind his back, using his own team against him, and let the Clinton Foundation and Deep State run things while the people get all riled up. Then, in 202, Biden wins the Presidency and appoints Clinton and Obama to the Supreme Court.

By the end of 2021, had this plan worked, experts say the economy would have been in ruins and the American people and their paychecks would be at the mercy of communist Russia. Robert Mueller, who has been secretly fighting this battle undercover while publicly attacking Trump, has enough evidence to put Putin away for life, if he doesn’t flee prosecution from the World Court.

A spokesman for Mueller said he’s still going to take out Trump for “gross incompetence and negligent behavior, failure to fullfill his oath of office and blatant misues of executive privilege. Mueller is still, after all, a lifelong Democrat. The good news is, his panel on Trump has no real power. He should focus on taking down Putin and Clinton, though. For sure.

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