UPDATE: Stormy Daniels’ Suicide Note Contains A Stunning Admission

As you’ve probably heard, adult film “actress” Stormy Daniels passed away on Thursday in what police are calling an apparent suicide.

The porn star had “consumed numerous drugs, including cocaine, heroin, the designer street drug ‘bloogies,’ and marijuana.” She then overdosed peacefully in the bathtub, according to her local newspaper. 

Clifford’s death is something that you should have heard about on the liberal-run mainstream media, but there’s a reason they’re not saying a peep — her suicide note.

“I deeply regret all the pain I have caused President Trump,” the note found with her body reads. “The truth is that I lied, that Michael Avenatti encouraged me to lie. I have never had sexual relations with our President.”

She goes on to explain that the guilt over deceiving Americans got to her and that she “couldn’t live knowing what she did to a man who did so much for her.”

Daniels previously accused President Trump of cheating on his wife with her despite him being a Christian and paying hush money to cover it up. She never provided evidence of either claim, but the liberal media blasted the story all over the place.

Daniels was buried on Monday, which was followed by a will reading on Tuesday as well as a reading of her suicide note.

Apparently, the only honest Democrat is a dead Democrat.

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