BREAKING: 47,000 Welfare Recipients Got Jobs After Shutdown Killed Their Free Ride

Government shutdowns work. Not only has the current one saved the government millions of dollars by preventing nonessential federal employees from coming to work, but the shutdown has also stopped food stamp distribution in 38 states with Republican governors.

In those states, something shocking happened — well, shocking to liberals but common sense to the rest of us. In the weeks of the shutdown people who previously received food stamps went out and got jobs. According to the White House Department of General Resources and Federal Fishing Licenses report, “we saw a surge in employment among those who were receiving many different welfare benefits.”

“More than 75% of those who got jobs were African-American, 22% white, and 3% other,” the report continues. States are set to see more tax revenue thanks to the shutdown.”

And that’s not all — the roughly 47,000 and counting who have found employment will save the federal government almost $300,000 a month on food stamps! This number is expected to keep growing “as high as 57 million in monthly savings” according to the report.

This is great news. Finally liberals are being forced to get off their lazy asses and go to work, and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s refusal to back down until liberals allow us to secure our borders.

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