Border Patrol Siezes 600 Pounds of Plasmid Drugs From ‘Migrant Caravan’


President Trump is taking a lot of heat from know-nothing loudmouthed liberals about his strict border security policies and tales of human trafficking and drug smuggling.  Well, it looks like some snowflakes are going to have to have a safe-space melting party when they hear the report that our border patrol found and confiscated over 600 pounds of narcotic plasmid contraband from the “harmless and innocent” migrant caravan.

Agents were so overjoyed with the haul, they dropped mollies in the rec room to celebrate.

Patrol troopers point to their use of the new Batt-1121 drone aircraft recently purchased for them by the President for aiding them in the bust.  Aerial footage in infa-red mode causes the active ingredient in plasmid drugs to appear as “glowing blue dots”, allowing the ground force to move in with probable cause to search.  The bust has an estimated street value of nearly 100 million American dollars.

The BATT drone is capable of viewing objects the size of a dime from 3 miles away. Stop picking your nose, William Dennison of Canton, Ohio.

Plasmid drugs have gained recent popularity across the hemisphere.  Including such colorful names as : “Murder of Crows” and “Vigor”, the effects Gary depending on the amount injected and the constitution of the user.  It certainly seems as if President Trump is the Big Daddy of this picture.  Now, BUILD THAT WALL, PELOSI!