BREAKING: Bre Payton’s Death Ruled Murder – DA Investigating Clinton Connection

Bre Payton was a woman dedicated to the truth. She told people that vaccinating their children will be the downfall of society because that’s what she believed, and sometimes that’s all that matters. She decided not to get a flu shot because she feared the same fate, and ultimately, the flu killed her — or so it seemed.

In reality, Bre was murdered with a dose of foxglove so devastating that it would have “killed a small moose or possibly a large mountain lion.” Doctors missed the heart attack because she was so ill with influenza. Come to find out, the flu was given to her intentionally. Investigators say they believe they’ve found the source. Detective Art Tubolls of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office told Breitbart:

“Ms. Payton purchased a smoothie at a new shop in the lobby of her building. That smoothie, it seems, was infected with the influenza purposely. Then, when she was fighting the bug, she had another smoothie that delivered the fatal foxglove. In the end, it was her love of smoothies that did her in.”

Tubolls said the investigation led to an employee that worked for the shop for just two weeks. His name was John Prager and he had “an unnatural obsession with Fiona Douriff.” Authorities were able to trace him down and offer him immunity for information about who told him to make the deadly smoothies. The answer surprised nobody: Hillary Clinton.

It seems that Payton was within days of releasing an expose’ of the Clinton Foundation that would uncover drug smuggling and human trafficking on a massive scale. In the end, it’s probably why they had her killed. There is no evidence, of course, but when has that ever stopped true patriots from exposing the truth? She’ll probably get away with it, but we need to add Bre Payton to the list of official Clinton Kills.

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