BREAKING: 11 Verified Cases Of Ebola In ‘Safe’ Illegal Immigrant Caravan

Biological warfare has been around for a while. When our forefathers were fighting the Indians, they gifted them with blankets laced with smallpox. While we can’t necessarily say this was right, it won us the War of 1812 when thousands of Cherokee Indians (Elizabeth Warren’s people) were unable to fight.

Now, our enemies are using the migrant caravan, which Nancy Pelosi called “completely safe” last week, to weaken our defenses by spreading Ebola.

According to the World Health Organization, there have now been 11 Ebola-linked deaths among illegals in the caravan currently careening toward our borders with no sign of the plague stopping. Ebola is spread through skin-to-skin contact and even close proximity in unsanitary conditions. The tightly-packed mob of mostly men with a few scattered women and children definitely fits those criteria.

“If this caravan reaches our border and forces its way across, we may see an epidemic unlike we have seen in recent history,” says President Trump’s chief immunologist Fiona Dourif-Reagan. “There is currently no cure for Ebola, so thousands or even hundreds of thousands may be affected before we are able to quarantine the threat.”

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Michael Litoris says that the Ebola virus “may have been intentionally released into the caravan by MS-13 as an attempted attack on America.”

Liberals have attacked President Trump repeatedly for pointing out that illegals may be spreading disease. But we need to remember that he knows more than we know — and that his decisions are in our best interest, always.

It’s time for our border patrol to start shooting everyone who crosses the border. If anyone disputes this, let them know about this latest threat presented by the migrant caravan.

It’s time for all of us to stand together against foreign enemies and truly make our America great again.

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