Trump’s special forces security denied entry to the State of the Union to the date of Rashida Tlaib this evening. Who was her date you ask? None other than the devil incarnate, George Mephistopheles Soros.

When the two arrived, arm-in-arm, whispering sweet nothings about world domination into each other’s ears, they tried to slide right in as if nothing was wrong. They obviously knew that the devil wouldn’t be allowed in though, as Soros was wearing a “ trump wig” and a maga hat, as well as the obligatory Groucho Marx glasses/nose/moustache ensemble.

  • Soros’ disguise fooled everyone until he ran into one sharp eyed doorman. Ingenious subterfuge!

    Obviously, the eagle eyes of the president’s security were not fooled and they stopped him cold. When they wouldn’t let him in, Soros went into a rage, kicking pebbles and screaming that they would “regret this decision!”

It seems that he had planned for this possibility, for when he left the building he did a pirouette as a signal. At that moment , at least 4 Antifas came out from behind structures that I will not describe and began to vigorously throw teeny bouncers -those tiny rubber balls the size of large marbles that bounce super high. The teeny bouncers caused havoc bouncing every which way at the entrance, causing guests and passers by to duck and weave to avoid being struck. MADNESS!

Nobody saw these tiny, colorful, menacing balls coming. This was the work of an evil genius

It is about time this madman was brought to justice. He always has been a menace to society and, it seems, does not intend to ever change.