BREAKING: ‘Catholic School Boys’ Were Paid Soros Crisis Actors

Today was a dark day in America —  if you listen to the liberal media. According to them, a Native American Vietnam War veteran was doing a traditional song on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when a group of boys, all conveniently wearing “MAGA hats,” surrounded and mocked him relentlessly.

The liberal media would have you believe an unlikely story. They’re saying that a school run by Christians for boys only, was at an abortion march. Then, they’d have you believe that the hats they wore were indicative of growing in an institutionally racist suburb of an institutionally racist state.

Basically, they’re saying that kids in rural Ohio wearing hats supporting Trump feel emboldened to exhibit this kind of behavior because they are entitled white brats who think it’s ok to denigrate those who are different. Even if “different” means “belonging to a culture here a millennia before whitey arrived.”

Fox News has learned that the kids weren’t the same kids from the High School the press is blaming. Those kids were miles away at the National Cathedral, praying for the souls of millions of aborted minority children around the world. There’s no way they were anywhere near the Lincoln Memorial.

These boys weren’t boys at all. they are college students from NYU who look young and used that to their advantage. They were each paid more than $10K by George Soros companies in the last month for “expenses.” They are all on his payroll this month for another $10k.

The lead kid, whose real name is Ezekiel Wilekenmeyer, isn’t even a real Christian. He’s a Jewish guy in the drama department earning money from a man who used to work for Adolf Hitler, George Stalin, and Leo McGarry. Fox will break the story Monday morning on Fox and friends once they have proof. We’re reporting it now because we all know it’s true, and in today’s climate of fake and junk news, isn’t that what really matters?

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