BREAKING: CNN Fires Jim Acosta After White House Outburst

Jim Acosta has been a CNN White House Correspondent for nearly 30 years. Today, not only did that end but so did his career at the Clinton News Network. According to Programming Director Art Tubolls, Acosta is officially out of a job:

“Jim is a good guy, but once you’re blacklisted from the White House there’s really nothing we can do. The next thing will be sanctions from the FCC and probably a hearing before the National News Ethics Board, headed by the GOP-led Senate. This is not good for Jim and it’s not good for our network.”

The White says they expect a full apology from Acosta, who shouted at the President that “journalists would not stop doing their jobs.” He then made a “screw you” motion with his fist and gave the President of the United States the middle finger on live television. Had the censors not cut it, your children’s grandchildren would have seen this horrible display of hatred.

According to the US Press code, paragraph 17 subsection 7, news affiliates inside of government buildings will treat their subjects with respect and dignity, as reserved for men of such stature. President Trump is protected by hallowed rules followed by such literary greats as Leanardo, LeBraun, Lemonowski, and Bernstein.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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