BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick Attacks Wall Fund Organizer for ‘Nike’s on his Fake Feet’

Colin Kaepernick has crossed the line. He has called for an open assault on the Wall Fund organizer, Senior Mailman Brian Kolfage. It seems that Kolfage has a contract to be seen in public wearing…you guessed it…Nike shoes. According to Kaepernick, that makes him a hypocrite:

“Here’s what I know about this guy. He got blown up for not following orders. He turned his anger over than into rage, combined it withpure racism and made a career out of selling it to old white folks who think he’s a hero because he wearrs some of a uniform. He’s really a paranoid, alt-right nutjob. He raised $69K for his ‘news’ site because Facebook ‘stole’ his money — aka took ad money. For ads. That made far more than they cost.

He’s a delusional little snowflake getting a free ride. He whined himself into combat pay, ignored his CO and now he banks from it. His tag line is ‘I gave three limbs, how much will you give’ for Christ sake. He gave his limbs for nothing. He offered the enemy a target and they took it. It’s not like he lost limbs saving the bridgehead at Anzio or anything.”

Kolfage says that’s disrespectful to his legs, that he hasn’t seen in years, and that the contract with Nike is an old thing he won’t be re-signing:

“I had to pee. I still lost everything. I was forced to start my life over again with a bunch of free stuff, a sycophantic following and even a free degree from some University I won’t ever use. Plus, it doesn’t really matter what you think. I went to war and almost died. I deserve a free pass on life at this point. Look at me.”

Bri-Bri has a point. Sure, he could have been an effective role model for wounded, homeless, or suicidal vets. Sure he could have done the noble thing and kept his personal views and alt-right mindset to himself. But…then he wouldn’t be him, and he certainly wouldn’t be wearing Nikes.

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