BREAKING: Corrupt Robert Mueller Changes Voter Registration To Democrat


While it may not seem that way, corrupt witch hunter Robert Mueller was a registered Republican up until earlier this month. But all that changed when he changed his status on Monday morning. Breitbart reports that Mueller “filed a change of status notice with the Justice Department.” The notice, the news organization reports, “detailed a change on his voter registration form to Democrat from Republican.”

Previously, Mueller was the only Republican involved in the sham investigation into Russian “collusion” despite the fact that no crime called “collusion” exists.” This change is not shocking, as it is well known by now that Mueller voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election — a fact that Democrats say have not impacted his ability to remain impartial and unbiased.

Mueller spokesman Gregory Haus says that the Special Prosecutor “refuses to comment on such trivial matters while he is focused on more important things, like the ongoing corruption in the Trump administration.”

While some take this statement as yet another sign that Obama appointee Mueller is uniquely unqualified for his job, Democrats still push a bill that will prevent him from being fired for any reason, including gross negligence and abuse of authority.

It’s time for President Trump to fire Robert Mueller while he still can.

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