BREAKING: Dem Budget Committee Slashes Social Security Payments in Half Until Shutdown Ends

Democrats on the House Budget Committee have no control over the shutdown, but they do have control over how the general fund — as well as the Social Security Trust Fund — is appropriated. According to Maine Senator Arthur Tubolls:

We simply can’t ignore that there are more important payments to make than to retirees who already have enough to get by. We’re looking to temp[orarily defer half the earnings of anyone not living beneath the poverty level just until the crisis is over.”

The crisis may not be over anytime soon, however, and those people who deserve their money should get it. the Democrats want to divert the money from wealthier Americans for the short term to “make sure kids don’t starve.” In other words, their voters need their handouts. The people getting free food and money won’t be affected, just those who gave everything in a couple of wars and worked jobs for thirty years so they could retire without worrying about poor young people coming along and trying to build a life. We built lives, too, and we didn’t do it with free stuff.

You could call your Congressman to complain, if Congress had working phones, but that was one of the things the Democrats shut down first. They knew the people wouldn’t stand for this nonsense. The Trump Administration has promised to intervene by Executive Order, which nobody can challenge with the Courts out of commission. Deal with it, libtards. Donald Trump is in charge now. What he says goes.

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