Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are proving once again that they don’t care about the American people, about our well-being, or our security. All they care about is removing President Trump from the White House.

While veterans remain limbless, god-fearing Christians lose their rights to practice their religion, the Chinese continue to assault the world with “global warming” nonsense, and illegal monsters are flooding over our borders creating havoc nationwide, the need for our one true leader has never been greater

Though they know all of this IN THEIR HEARTS, the Democrats continue to push an imaginary hatred for president trump over all else.

House Democrats are now offering full wall funding -“an unlimited budget” – if our Commander-In-Chief  were to resign from his presidency.

Said Pelosi,

“We just want him gone so the business of government can carry on like it always has. We’ll give him the whole f*%king federal budget if that’s what it takes! We’ll give him all the gold in Fort Knox! Just disappear!”

“You can raid enough for 1000 golden toilets!”, Pelosi added.

Another life-long Democrat Senator, Sasha Sandhu, who – like most of them- has never had a real job, also chimed  in :

”Time to put up or shut up Trump. If you truly believe putting up this monstrosity on our southern border is the most important issue our nation faces, you’ll do the right thing here.  You’ll step down for the good of country.”

We’ve got news for you, Sasha, you liberal mutt. You listen up too, Nancy. President Trump will NEVER step down. He will never open up a path for your perverted quest for power. He belongs. He is leading America on the path to greatness assigned to us by God Almighty. And he will step all over you to get us there.

We will have money enough to build a wall to the heavens!

Amen. God Bless.