BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders Google to be Truthful With Results

Justice Beaumont Levy of the Louisiana 28th Federal Court has sided with petitioners on behalf of his state to intervene at the Federal level. In what would normally seem unprecedented, the State Justice retired from that office to take the Federal seat at the request of President Trump. He then ruled in favor of the United States in the case against Google, Bing, and PornHub.

Almost immediately, the results for Google changed. For example, while “traitor” previously brought up pictures of Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Julian Assange, and President Trump himself, they now bring up an entire selection of fun facts about Obama:

Don’t believe it? Click the link below and you’ll see what a traitor looks like:


***UPDATE*** The Deep State has hijacked our link, but we can assure you, while the Google Home Page isn’t safe from viruses, we promise it says Obama now. Justice Buford says the order will extend from the Federal to the International level under the Globalists own Agenda 21. The White House says they’ll fight against the fake news media already reporting that the ruling is a partisan effort that was somehow swayed by the judge Trump had literally installed moments before to do his bidding.

Isn’t the Constitution wonderful?

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