BREAKING: Federal Judge Shuts Down Florida Recount – Rick Scott WINS!

Judge Andrew Walowopoloskz has turned the fiasco in Florida into a solid win in the Republican column. The 34th circuit court of appeals has upheld a lower court’s ruling that the recount in Florida has passed the deadline for free and speedy elections as promised in the 16th Amendment.

A spokesman for the Judge told Fox News that there will be no recount:

“Recounts are always the request of the loser and they never go anywhere. There’s no way, with all the votes rejected and suppressed, that Democrats will get close to the 13K votes they need, so they’ll resort to ‘every vote counts’ instead of the letter of the law that rules our true and just society.”

The election in Florida is, therefore, a thing of the past. There will be no snowflake recounts or making sure those “required by law” provisional ballots are counted. Those are the ones they give to people who just show up willy-nilly and happen to have a name and date of birth that matches but don’t have a Florida ID to prove it.

The state has to give them a provisional ballot and in the event of a recount, they apply. Now…it doesn’t matter how legal that might be at that point. The Founding Fathers said we should stand up and fight when the laws protect those who would wrong the children. They were talking about abortion. Rick Scott will save countless lives.

There’s your daily dose of God and Patriotism, brothers and sisters. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on our souls.


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