BREAKING: Jim Acosta Begs Trump For Another Chance

Jim Acosta has been escorted out of the White House for a second time after being denied his request for another chance — in person. President Trump didn’t allow Acosta the dignity of a meeting in the Oval Office, but he did step into the Mural Room of the West Wing to tell Acosta “no.” According to a spokesman:

“Mr. Acosta came here to beg so he doesn’t lose his job. President Trump didn’t see him as sincere. He cried a little, gor his knees for a moment and tried to grab the President’s hand, which earned him a swift ride to the nearest exit on the Secret Service express.”

Acosta has been told by CNN that if he can’t get his credentials back, there’s nothing they can do to keep him:

“Jim is a great White House guy. He has the look. But…he’s not a real journalist. Real journalists interview the President on a couch in a comfy studio because they have his respect. They don’t need to attack him publicly. Then he goes and smacks that poor woman over a microphone? Shameful. He should be in jail.”

He may not be going to jail, but his career is going in the toilet. Buh bye, Jim. Say hello to Megyn Kelly in the unemployment line.

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