BREAKING: Jim Acosta Charged With Assaulting Female Intern

Where is the #MeToo movement?

We all saw what fake news superstar, CNN’s Jim Acosta, did on Wednesday. At a press conference celebrating Republicans’ landslide win, Acosta picked a fight with President Trump. When his time to ask a question was over, White House intern Natalie Lind attempted to take the microphone. But she was treated to a lesson in exactly why CNN and other fake news outlets are the “enemy of the people.”

In front of millions of people, the CNN “journalist” slapped her hand away and shoved her. Because of this, President Trump revoked Acosta’s press credentials.

“CNN can send someone else if they want,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. “But he brutalized that woman. He put his hands on her. And that’s never OK.”

But Acosta’s bad, bad day kept getting worse. After an outcry across social media, D.C. police did their jobs and charged Acosta with “one count of assault and battery,” according to Gateway Pundit reporter Lucian Wintrich (who still has his press credentials because he doesn’t beat women), who was also in attendance.

Acosta faces up to three months in prison and up to $180,000 in fines for his attack on the White House staffer. Despite this, CNN continues to defend his actions, calling it — ironically — “fake news” in retaliation for Acosta asking President Trump “tough questions” about the fake Russia scandal.

CNN should fire him — because it looks like Mr. Acosta is going to be locked up for a while.

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