BREAKING: Michael Flynn Killed in Protective Custody

The US Marshals Service has confirmed that Michael Flynn and his family were incinerated tonight in a yacht fire in Rehoboth Beach, Maryland. The Flynns, hiding under the name Fred and Mo Risin, didn’t stand a chance, as their boat was firebombed from three different directions at the same time.

Lead Investigative Marshal, Cpt Art Tubolls, says the hit was definitely pulled off by a pro:

“The judge let Flynn go today because he’s a patriot and he knows Flynn can’t clear the President from prison. Trump can’t pardon him. So, they died a horrible death on their boat at the hands of a psychotic mercenary. The Pentagon agrees that the hit was probably pulled off by former special forces using explosives and training provided by the Deep State.”

At this point, the FBI needs to start looking to what George Soros and Hillary Clinton knew and when they knew it. If Flynn stayed free and Trump was exonerated, Clinton’s plan to take the Oval Office using the Revertisment Clause of the 25th Amendment after he’s impeached would be dead where it sits. Now, with Flynn gone, the Mueller investigation will go on and Trump could face losing his office. All because of Hillary Clinton, again. Someone needs to lock her up.

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