BREAKING: Michael Flynn Was Taking Payments From Clinton Foundation

Arrest him for fraud!

Michael Flynn paid off

You’ve probably heard that Michael Flynn has “flipped” on President Trump and will testify against him. But the truth, as always, is something that the mainstream media will never report: Flynn was paid off long before this by someone who would see our President destroyed — Hillary Clinton.

In a financial disclosure filed by Mueller’s legal team of 14 Angry Democrats, the special prosecutor lists political donations and other payments made to and by Mr. Flynn. Many of them stand out for a variety of reasons. But three payments Flynn received in July, October, and December of 2016 stand out: because they came from the Clinton Foundation.

Fox News reported Thursday that Flynn received a total of “more than $3.7 million for ‘consulting’ as well as ‘services rendered’ and other obscure categories.”

Interestingly, a week ago, notorious leaker QAnon posted on 4Chan that “major information about General Flynn will be revealed in the coming weeks that shows he is a traitor who was really working for the Deep State.” Once again, Q has proved to be correct, it seems — a continuation of his/her/their almost flawless track record in breaking important information the media will not tell you.

Mignon Fley, a spokeswoman for Flynn’s legal team, says that the “financial documents are being deliberately misrepresented as part of an effort to discredit Mr. Flynn and his testimony.” But the documents don’t lie — they clearly show payments from Hillary Clinton to Flynn.

Robert Mueller recently recommended no charges against Flynn in exchange for “substantial assistance” he provided. While the nature of that assistance is not clear at the moment, it’s clear that he was paid for it. And now we know who was paying him.


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