BREAKING: Mitt Romney’s Traitorous Op-Ed Just Cost Him Half His Fortune

Mitt Romney sealed his political and financial fate over the weekend when he decided it would be a good idea to openly trash the President of the United States. That may have been all well and good as a private citizen, but as a United States Senator, Romney’s opinion is restricted to the Senate Floor by law. According to Senate Pro Forma Temporati, Art Tubolls, no member is allowed to do such a thing and the penalty is clear:

“The rule goes back to 1786 and has never been used. Maybe because no senator has ever been silly enough to challenge the Chief Executive of the land outside their proper parameters, especially in a mainstream, liberal newspaper like the Washington Post.”

Mitt Romney is allowed to say whatever he wants while either a private citizen or on the campaign trail. Other than that. he’s bound by the same rules as everyone else. You don’t get to write op-ed pieces and try to start revolutions by promoting them on social media. The penalty is the loss of salary for four of the six years a Senator serves, along with a fine “not to exceed one half their wealth.” Romney says the fine portion of the law is far outdated and that nobody writing Senate rules in the 1780s could have imagined a fine being enough money to form your own sovereign nation.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops and Romney hires 30 more lawyers.

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