BREAKING: Mueller Witch Hunt ‘Ending’ Because Of Government Shutdown

You can’t have a witch hunt if you don’t have money. And like all Democrats when confronted by a lack of funds, Robert Mueller is packing his bags and going home. While you may not have heard about this yet on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and other fake news liberal media stations, the Democrats made a huge sacrifice when they refused to give President Trump his wall — their main source of political talking points.

According to sources within the DOJ, the Mueller investigation is funded until “the middle of January,” but if a budget deal is not reached, Mueller and his friends will have to go home and play in their own sandbox. Fox News reported Wednesday that Mueller is “running out of money to do what he wants to do” and is “considering shuttering the investigation before the cutoff if it doesn’t look like a funding deal is in the cards before January 14.”

“Essential” government functions like the office of the President and Vice President receive funding during a shutdown but “nonessential” functions like the Democrats’ sham witch hunt do not enjoy the same luxury.

Democrats have been scrambling to secure a funding deal while simultaneously refusing to approve the money needed to keep our borders safe from the barbarian hordes constantly assaulting our sovereign nation.

According to the CDC, “a minimum of 47 percent” of so-called “safe” asylum-seekers carry diseases which are classified as an “imminent threat to public health.” Last month alone, 12 illegals were diagnosed with smallpox. An additional 14 were diagnosed with Yersinia pestis, while an astounding 40 were treated for gamma exposure.

Fortunately, our border patrol is exempt from the government shutdown, so these hardworking men and women will continue to keep our country safe from the ever-approaching threat to our south.

For this reason, federal workers overwhelmingly (87% according to Tonto Interactions Polling) support the shutdown even if it means giving up a paycheck. President Trump needs to keep the government shut down as long as possible to end the sham “investigation” and get on with running the country as he sees fit without constant Democrat interference.

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