BREAKING: Muslamic Fallah Calls Cops On Christian Carolers, Cops Arrest Them And Take Their Kids

It’s the Christmas season, but you wouldn’t know that in Dearborn, Michigan. A group of Christian carolers were trying to spread cheer on Saturday when they were met with a shocking and horrifying surprise: a Muslamic Fallah called the police.

According to the Dearborn Gazette-Intelligencer-Reporter, the Fallah reported the group of six Christians — which included three children, their mother, their father, and their pastor — for “religious harassment.” Police arrived and arrested them — not for the reason they were called, but for “littering” because one of the children accidentally dropped a song sheet on the ground.

But it gets worse. While they were being questioned by police, the three adults were forced to leave the kids unattended. Officer Halal al-Muhammad Hazal called Child Protective Services and reported that the children were “abandoned on the street.” Now, they are being forced to fight an investigation by the agency. In the mean time, the two youngest children have been placed in foster homes.

According to the father, Jake Bloomer, CPS told them it is “unlikely” that their children will be returned before the New Year. In other words, because of this ridiculous police complaint, they are forced to spend Christmas separated from their kids.

A lawyer for the family says that they will “fight this injustice tooth an nail” but that the “situation may take months to resolve.”

The two children who were ripped away from their family have been placed with a Muslim family until their Christian parents prove they are “capable of parenting at a level expected of them” by the state.

This is the sort of thing that happens in Dearborn all the time. And unfortunately, nothing is being done about it. Currently, the population of Dearborn is 63% Muslim and growing, and the laws are being changed to reflect that.

Earlier this year, the city council approved an all-Halal diet at local schools as well as a resolution forcing grocery stores to only sell Halal foods.

Please pray for these precious children and their parents.

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