BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s First Order as Speaker of the House is Treason

Nancy Pelosi’s first official act as Speaker of the House is to form the committees that will oversee the government for the next two years. The committees are made up of a majority of the governing party and a minority of the people looking to get a free ride and give your money to rich people. In this case, the committees will be made up of mostly Democrats, and two of the committees will have no Republicans at all, which is against the law.

The White House has already dispatched legal counsel to the 43rd Legislative Circuit Cout of Appeals in Richdale, Vermont for the judge they think will overturn the ruling. According to chief litigatist and Republican strategator, Art Tubolls:

“Two committees to ‘investigate’ the Republican party connections to the Trump administration in the event it comes under indictment is not only superflual, it’s also illegal. Pelosi calls them ‘investigative’ and suddenly they don’t fall under the rules? She says it’s a ‘conflict of interest’ to investigate yourselves. Well what the heck do they think happened in Benghazi? Hillary all but admitted to the stand-down order and now we know she made $40K from the sale of the Stinger missile that killed John Krasinski’s best friend.

We will fight against this to the bitter end.”

Pelosi has already gone too far. President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, says the attack violates the Supremacy Clause and constitutes treason. The Attorney General’s office is looking into the matter. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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