BREAKING: Sasha Obama Admits ‘A Wall Will Keep Us Safe’ In Embarrassing Interview

Barack Obama may preach “unity” as he rails against President Trump’s efforts to keep our country safe. But at least one of his daughters disagrees. In an interview with her high school newspaper, Sasha Obama admitted that President Trump is keeping us safe.

“A lot of people disagree with Donald Trump and I think there’s a lot to disagree with,” Sasha told the Sidwell Friends Herald on Friday. “But he’s doing some good things too.”

Asked what those good things were, the younger Obama daughter said something shocking:

I think this wall issue is something where people are overreacting. If you look at the statistics, a wall isn’t a bad idea because it would prevent illegal border crossings. While not everyone who crosses is a criminal, the bad guys aren’t exactly going through checkpoints.

“Ultimately, a wall will keep us safe even if it’s not going to solve every problem,” she concluded to shocked student reporter Felicia Day. “I think my father is wrong here.”

Was this simply an act of rebellion or has Sasha Obama seen the light about the Democrat agenda? Will we see her become a Republican in a few years? Probably not, but it’s good to see that some liberals are willing to realize the benefits of a wall.

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