BREAKING: Soros Moving Liberals To Red States To Interfere With Election

Here’s a compelling reason why democrats are pushing the ridiculous Russian election interference story. They’re hiding the REAL election interference happening right here in America at the hands of who else…… George Theodopolous Soros.

We’ve all seen the post-election map. It was a virtual sea of red. This country is clearly republican. The only blue to be seen is on the outskirts, in the very few liberal centers.  In all, forty-seven of fifty states were blood red. An indisputable statement that America is committed to the Republican Party.

See? Almost all red. I tried to stay in the lines. I really did.

The one problem is with the populations of those 3 liberal communist states. The number of citizens in California, New York, and  Illinois amount to 1/3 of the people in the USA.  That’s a lot of voters.

And it seems that these figures have given Soros an idea of how to manipulate the presidential election in 2020.

He’s going to spread the libs throughout the rest of the country.

Sasha Sandhu, a Democrat snitch, gave us some more details of this evil plan.

“He plans to pay liberal American citizens to move to heavy red states. He’s paying moving costs, creating businesses to set up their new lives, AND paying them tens of thousands directly to them just for the inconvenience

Of course, he’s not worried about the three blue states flipping because he’s already got an illegal base of tens of millions there that are paid to continue to vote blue.

It’s actually quite ingenious. And thoroughly evil.”

This will be America after Soros is done. It will be underwater.

We can only hope that, now that this plan has been exposed, the great and powerful President Trump can take action quickly enough to end this horrible awfulness……before America as we know it disappears