BREAKING: Susan Rice Indicted In ‘Christmas Eve Surprise’


Susan Rice indicted

Barack Obama’s partner in crime just got some very bad news as she was indicted for at least three crimes committed during our last President’s tenure.

Fox News reports that Rice received a “Christmas Eve Surprise” in the form of an indictment handed down by one of Robert Mueller’s grand juries. This is yet another fun example of the sham fake Russia investigation, which has caught no one “colluding” with Russia to this day, backfiring on liberals.

According to the indictment, Rice “did knowingly withhold information that would have kept this country safe in an effort to help Democrats win the 2016 election.” In addition, she “did knowingly pass government secrets to news agencies in an effort to boost her allies in the polls” and “did knowingly support policies that many argue have made America unsafe.”

While it’s unclear as of yet what these mean, Breitbart speculates that the indictments seem to be related to Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of private email for government business — something you’d never see in the Trump administration — as well as Barack Obama’s illegal gift of billions of dollars to Iran.

It’s unclear as of yet what she’s been charged with. But Rice was around for “numerous Obama crimes,” according to Fox News Canada political analyst Enal Liekaje. “The exact nature of the indictments is a mystery. For now, we just know she’s been incited on two counts of something and another count of something else. We won’t find out more until mid-January at least. according to Mr. Mueller’s team.”

Mueller has a reputation for going for “small fish” in an administration like Rice and working his way up to the top — the top in this case being former President Barack Hussein Obama. “That Mueller hasn’t revealed the information seems to mean that more indictments are coming,” Liekaje says. “This could mean we see Eric Holder and others brought up on charges.”

If things continue like this, liberals may start to regret what has up to this point been a partisan, fake news fakey fake witch hunt. But now that people we don’t like are getting snagged up, we need to consider that there may be some legitimacy to it after all.


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