BREAKING: Ted Nugent, Johnny Cash Jr Will Play Live After Trump Speech At The Wall

Johnny Cash Junior, who hasn’t been an active musician since the 1990s, has decided to come out of his musical retirement for what he calls “the single most important event of his lifetime.” He will join Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Hank Williams, Jr., and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a live show at the conclusion of President Trump’s speech at the wall.

Cash, who has tried to live his life out of the public eye, says he can no longer ignore the injustice of a single swath of land that someone could use to smuggle bloogies into our country. We must have a wall or we will all surely face financial and possibly even physical ruin, as our streets become covered with taco trucks and unreadable graffiti. He told Tucker Carlson:

“My dad stayed out of politics, but I just can’t. I love this country and I want everyone forever to walk up to our great nation, look up at the huge wall obstructing the view of those purple mountains majesty for those without proper ID. They’ll look up, and say to Allah or the Moon God or whoever those people pray to that they will be grateful to achieve the American dream by coming here, going through proper channels, otherwise they deserve arrest and deportation.

Seriously. These people are just here to trade their kids for free food stamps. Then they’ll mail all the food back to Guam. It’s not right and we have toi stop it.”

Stop it we will. President Trump will stand before a giant section of the wall he’s been telling us about that he’s already built and deliver an address in which he’s expected to declare a state of emergency. Then he can use federal funds to build the wall whether the libtards like it or not.

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