BREAKING: Trump Fires 14K Democrat Federal Employees Who Refuse to Strike

President Trump has lowered the hammer on 14,000 Federal Employees, registered Democrats, who refuse to suspend their right to furloughed pay and call the Federal Shutdown a “strike” like the Chief Executive has ordered. Earlier today, by Executive Order EO90895TR8, the Federal shutdown became a strike against the enemy of the people, the Democrats, and their media. Federal workers who had the option to work now and have their pay credited when the government reopens are now officially on strike to set this great nation right.

That means that every single TSA employee willing to go to work to ensure our country is safe at airports will work for free to show their loyalty to President Trump. The FBI investigation into Pelosi and her corrupt daughters will go on as scheduled without compensation. The “Witch Hunt” will also continue, because Democrats get paid by George Soros anyway.

The 14,000 workers fired won’t have to worry about it. President Trump says he can get the people to volunteer at National Parks and Monuments. “Look at what those people did at that Bird Sanctuary,” said the President, “They made a mess, but they did so much with so little. The people are resourceful.” I was ready to pardon them when they were found innocent of all charges. Innocent. That’s different. It means they truly did nothing wrong. Like me. As innocent as me. They have jobs if the government opens. I’ll give them that Malyore place.”

It’s always good to hear him put things into actual words. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story as it develops.

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