BREAKING: Trump Meets With Texas Governor to Propose ‘State’ Border Wall

President Trump may have figured out how to get the largest portion of his wall built without needing the Federal Government at all. In a surprise meeting with Texas Governor Gregg Abbott (R-Costa del Lello), Trump proposed that Texas request emergency funds through FEMA to secure its border, which is costing the people of Texas billions a month in lost wages and tax payments for welfare. Once the money transfers to the State, it’sd theirs to do what they please.

The White House says this isn’t some foolish political stunt like the Democrats pulled by stealing the midterms from law-abiding Americans. According to the Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls:

“This is legitimate spending. We hand out billions every time one of the waterfront states has a storm or there’s a tornado in the plains or a fire in California. There’s a scourge burning out of control in Texas, and they’ve asked for $4 billion to stop it. President Trump will sign the order when it comes in.”

Texas is checking to see the legalities of the matter. Most of the border is privately owned land in Texas, and since the entire border is actually the Rio Grande, building a wall is nearly impossible and would have to allow passage for watershed and wildlife. Tubolls said those issues have been addressed:

“Texas has easy eminent domain laws. They can take the land, compensate the owners, forfeit a couple hundred yards or so to the federal government and build the wall a bit further inland, with rabbit and armadillo sized holes at the bottom every 15 feet. Between the wall and the river will still be America. We’ll landscape it and turn it into a park.”

It sounds beautiful. All the glory of the Rio Grande with a gorgeous spike=topped steel see-through wall just a couple of football fields away signifying to the world, “Hey…we’re closed. Come back some other time, and do it legally!”

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