BREAKING: Trump WILL Deliver the State of the Union and the Networks WILL Cover it

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The traitor Nancy Pelosi has issued a unilateral declaration that the President isn’t welcome to deliver the State of the Union Address from the House Chamber if the government is still shut down. Her “order,” which has no legal standing whatsoever, comes less than a week before the speech.

According to Pelosi, Trump needs some kind of “joint resolution” to deliver a speech to Congress. According to the Constitution, he is to deliver that speech on January 29th every year at 9 pm. From the House floor. Pelosi can’t just invent some “resolution” and hold up a process that has been in existence for more than 250 years.

President Trump has ordered the networks to be there. He has ordered the Senate and House to be there. He has ordered the Supreme Court to be there. He will be there. And at 9 PM, regardless of what anyone tells you that day, tune your TV to Fox to watch the show.

Trump is expected to lay out the wonderful state of our union, amazing economy, and incredible feelings of togetherness he has inspired in our great nation. He will also lay out the guidelines for removing Pelosi and Schumer.

To close, Trump is expected to declare a State of Emergency and take the money he needs for the Wall. No more playing by their dumb rules. Trump is all-powerful now. He has SCOTUS. He does what he wants. Deal with it, Demorats.

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