BREAKING: Trump Will End the Shutdown Monday Morning AND Get the Wall

President Trump has made it very clear that he will not allow the Democrats to keep the government shut down any longer. First thing Monday, he will set in place a set of Executive orders and court rulings obtained in sealed documents that will reopen the federal government, with a fully funded budget through 2020 and all the funding needed for a border wall.

The plan — designed by mastermind Constitutionalist Rudy Giuliani — has been in the works for week, and is ready to go, according to White House Minister of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls:

“Giuliani has truly outdone himself here. What we have is a solid plan to take control of the federal budget until the usurping Democrats can either get in line or be removed. It includes some bold executive moves but Rudy has assured us that everything we’re about to do is legal and will in no way land anyone else in jail.”

The plan comes in three parts. First, The President will sign the agreed upon budget from before the shutdown into law, just like Kennedy did with that letter to Khrushchev in 13 Days. That will re-start the government, but since it’s Sunday, only the Executive Office is allowed to function under Article 9 Section 2. That’s where the clever constitutional lawyer comes into play.

Once the government is open, Trump can then fire and re-appoint whoever he wants, since under Article 9 Section 5 calls the event a “restart.” The appointments wouldn’t need approval. They would be recess appointments like when Obama put all the Muslim Brotherhood guys in office. Now, with the government he wants in place, his people from the EPA, FDA, FBI, CIA and every other government agency can put in a joint emergency request for aid with the border security crisis, resulting in more than enough funding for 10 border walls.

That’s why President Trump hires people like Rudy. They’re thinkers. The Democrats thought they were gonna be all smart and go all “separation of powers” over this. Sorry, Dummycrats. No such thing anymore. Trump has all the power. Deal with it.

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