Clinton to Headline Rally Supporting N.Y. Full-Term Abortion Law


Former First Lady and Presidential contender Hillary Clinton raised eyebrows this morning, when she announced by press-release that she would be headlining a fundraising rally in support of New York’s controversial “full-term abortion” law, SB-1138 on Valentine’s day.  The law, which allows a mother to terminate her pregnancy up to 216 months after birth has caused chaos among pro-life advocates nationwide.

Two anonymous women walk dangerously close to a Planned Parenthood in New York, unaware of the monstrous threat to their ham wallets awaiting inside.

President Trump briefly expressed dismay at the law during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, and was rebuffed by Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who replied in a statement that : “Trump is an imbecile who has no idea what he’s talking about, and should have been aborted on day one.”  The President has not yet responded to the jibe.

The President was extremely busy attending his daily delousing.

In the past, Clinton has always sided with the so-called “pro-choice” movement, in the belief that what happens within a woman’s body is her responsibility and her medical procedures shouldn’t be regulated by anyone except a medical professional.  This belief, obviously, leaves out the will of God, and offends good Christian Americans who know that the Bible has the last say on all souls.

“Yeah, I’m supposed to kill my kid. God says it’s okay, though. Hey, you wanna buy a used bicycle?”

The rally will be held on February 14th two blocks from New York’s Times Square, and besides Clinton, will feature fetal sack races, a deviled egg buffet, and music by rockabilly artist : “Big Daddy and the Unplanned Pregnancies”.