Ocasio-Cortez : ‘No Money for Military Until Trump Ends Shutdown’


The youngest member of Congress sure knows how to make waves.  Also, as the newly minted chairwoman of the House Committee On Budget Funding, the Democratic Socialist goddaughter of Bernie Sanders has the authority to appropriate money or remove money from anywhere she chooses.  She is twenty-three years old.  Thanks, New York.

This is why you end up with the short end of the stick, “Empire State.”

Today, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who is Latina, told the Associated Press that as a drastic measure to end the President’s government shutdown, she will be immediately removing all funding for all branches of the military.  This will cause a stop in all paychecks to active duty personnel, retired vets, and intelligence officers.  All current actions of conflict worldwide will be suspended, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and even the top secret stuff Trump has the Army doing in the Bahamas because he saw the Aquaman movie and is convinced that Atlantis is down there.

The President also reportedly believes that meeting the sea king will give him the power to speak to his Filet o’Fish.

The Congressional Cucaracha told the media that she and her colleagues have had enough of the President’s “idiotic excuses and infantile behavior” and that now it was time to go to harsh methods to spur him into action.  Well, young lady, I just hope North Korea doesn’t decide to attack the Bronx while you’re braiding your hair at a sushi bar.

If that happens, senorita, you better hope Jackie is up for another Rumble.