BREAKING: Clint Eastwood Fires Harry Potter Star After Attack On Trump

Recently, “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe seized upon the opportunity to attempt to resurrect his dead career by attacking Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for owning a MAGA hat. Like many child actors, Radcliffe has been jobless for more than a decade and is going broke.

Since he got some publicity with his attack on Tom Brady, Radcliffe kept going — this time with a direct attack on Trump. “Donald Trump is a wanker,” said the British actor. “A total wanker, and he needs to be removed from office.”

Radcliffe went on to say that Trump’s “tiny orange hands need to wrap themselves around his own throat until he does.”

Unfortunately for Radcliffe, the only person who would give him a job was none other than Clint Eastwood. And Eastwood refused to deal with Radcliffe’s hatred.

Radcliffe had a small part in Eastwood’s upcoming film, The Suffolk Entourage. He was supposed to play a hotel waiter, but Eastwood fired him as soon as he heard about Radcliffe’s remarks.

“We don’t have room for hate,” Eastwood told Breitbart. “Radcliffe was out of line so we shitcanned him. He’ll never work on one of my productions again.”

Radcliffe was unavailable for comment — but his spokesman Tyler Neadik says that this is just a “small bump in a very long road,” adding that Radcliffe “will be hired in the next Harry Potter film, Hogwarts: the Next Class.” He is set to reprise his role as Harry Potter, father to James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna Potter.

The decision to fire Radcliffe was made after consulting with costume coordinator Scott Baio.

Let this be a lesson to actors and actresses who attack Trump: no one wants you to work for them if you can’t focus on doing your jobs instead of attacking a great man. Good job, Clint Eastwood!

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