House Democrats Pass Bill Giving ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ To ‘Noncitizen Residents’

On Thursday, House Democrats passed a bill that attaches a “guaranteed minimum income” to President Trump’s wall. The bill, which goes to the Senate next week, will provide “a guaranteed basic income regardless of work status.”

The bill promises “$1 per household per $10,000,000 spent to fund a southern border wall.” The wall is expected to cost $20 billion, so this means that every household will receive $2,000 per month or more.

Sound expensive? It gets worse — the bill guarantees the money both to “every American citizen” and to illegal aliens (or “noncitizen residents” as they are referred to in HB-RU482-B). In addition, “household” is defined as “a living space occupied by a person or family who own or are renting the space.” This means that someone can “rent” a bedroom to his child for $1 per month and cash in — a strategy that will likely be employed by “noncitizen residents” who benefit from this massive handout.

The bill is modeled after a “basic income” referendum that was too socialist for the socialist country of Switzerland.

This is the latest dirty Democrat trick intended to give the American people the impression that they are trying to give them the wall 76% of them want, according to a recent Gateway Pundit poll.

The House voted 233-198, with two Democrats abstaining. All 198 Republicans voted against this slap in the face to hardworking Americans like you and me. If this monstrosity gets a vote in the Senate, it is likely to fail because smart, talented Republicans maintain control there.

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