BREAKING: Trump Cancels Obama’s Secret Service Protection Until Shutdown Ends

Ultra-Leftist moonbat Nancy Pelosi may have thought she was cute when she uninvited President Trump from the State of the Union Address, but The Donald is getting the last laugh.

Not only did he cancel her foreign travel plans to a war zone and reveal her intended location so it was too unsafe for her to go even if she paid for her own travel. But when she vowed to defund Air Force One until the end of the shutdown, he hit her even harder — by removing former President* Barack Obama’s Secret Service protection.

Only “essential” and “necessary” federal government services are allowed during a shutdown. And one “essential” service, President Trump decided, was not “necessary” or “essential” — Secret Service protection to former Presidents.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump signed an executive order reclassifying Secret Service protection for former government officials and thus removing any and all protections not only from Barack Obama but also from Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Since spouses also receive protection when the government is funded, this also means that Hillary Clinton has lost her precious gun-toting lapdogs.

“Democrats say guns aren’t necessary and Obama himself said that ‘good guys with guns’ solve nothing,” President Trump told Breitbart News. “By his own admission, he doesn’t need Secret Service protection.”

If the shutdown ends, funding to Secret Service protection to the Clintons and Obamas will be restored — but if Democrats want that to happen anytime soon, they will need to give our dear leader his great wall.

The best part about this is that it happened on Michelle Obama’s birthday. Good job, President Trump. Democrats are not going to have any idea what to do now!

This was a brilliant move by President Trump. Liberals are in a panic because they suddenly see the value in guns, there is now added pressure to end the shutdown, and we get to laugh at the situation. He says he will consider restoring Obama’s Secret Service protection when he “is allowed to tell the American people how the country is doing.”


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