BREAKING: Jeff Foxworthy To Join Ted Nugent In Star-Spangled Wall Fundraiser

If you were planning to go to Jeff Foxworthy’s All-American Comedy Show, you may want to make different plans on February 19. The all-star comedy special, which was set to take place in Wheeling, West Virginia, promised that “if Democrats won’t fund the wall, Americans will do it their damn selves.”

The show was set to donate 50% of all revenue from merchandise, ticket sales, and Glory Hole admissions, to Bri Kolfag’s massively popular “Build the Wall” GoFundMe. It is estimated that the show, which sold out in minutes on Saturday, would have generated between $1.2 million and $5 million for the wall fund — a huge step toward the billions needed to build even a few miles of wall.

Democrat mayor Muhammad al-Muhammad Abdul Jabbar did something disgusting in an effort to hurt Donald Trump and Mr. Kolfag: he revoked the permit for the event citing “safety hazards” and “potential fire code violations” as well as “the risk of a bacterial outbreak.”

None of these make sense, but he seemed to be saying that Trump supporters are dirty and smelly and diseased as well as dangerous.

But Jeff Foxworthy isn’t taking this lying down. He announced Monday that he will be joining Ted Nugent’s all-star show, which will be donating 76% of profits to the wall fund.

Muhammad al-Muhammad Abdul Jabbar was unavailable for comment when he was approached by Breitbart News, but Foxworthy says he plans to have his “lawers look into this politically-motivated attack on free speech.”

The Nugent show is expected to be amazing. If you can’t catch it in person, he plans to livestream the event so “all red-blooded Americans can see it.”

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