BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton’s Lawyer Dies Mysteriously In Jail

On Monday, Chelsea Clinton’s lawyer was arrested in connection with a body that washed up on the banks of the Ohio River. The body was that of Jaeger Holpern, an aide to Hillary Clinton through the 2012 and 2016 elections as well as a former bodyguard to Chelsea Clinton.

But it gets weirder. After a raid on Chelsea Clinton’s penthouse, Clinton lawyer John Gare-Perle was arrested and taken to Marymouth Correctional Facility in New York where he was to await arraignment. But he never made it that far. The New York Post reported Tuesday that Gare-Perle allegedly “suffered a massive coronary lycanthropy and passed away in his sleep.” Gare-Perle was 32 when he died and had “no previous history of heart disease” according to a recent medical assessment.

According to the Post, security camera footage was “unavailable” because of a “technical error.”

Gare-Perle was scheduled to meet with investigators Tuesday morning, where he was expected to cut a plea deal. Unfortunately, he never got that chance, so we don’t know what he knew.

This is yet another death in the Clintons’ skeleton-filled closet. It’s time for investigators to drag Chelsea in for questioning. Enough is enough, and she’s guilty of something! It’s time for the Clintons to go down.

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