BREAKING: Liberal Vandals Spray Joshua Trump’s House With Racist Graffiti

Poor Joshua Trump was bullied in school because of his last name, so President Trump and the First Lady did the right thing: they invited him to be on camera at the State of the Union Address.

While Josh fell asleep during the SOTU, Fox News says he was excited to hear President Trump’s words. But the story doesn’t have a happy ending. When Josh and his parents returned home, they found their house covered with racist graffiti:

“No White,” the graffiti reads, as well as “BLM” — shorthand for Black Lives Matter. According to reports from the local news station, swastikas were painted on the doorway as well.

“There are no leads as of yet regarding the Trump house,” Wilmington, Delaware news station WGRU reports. “Police say they are actively investigating this heinous hate crime.”

Joshua Trump was invited to the State of the Union after he was repeatedly victimized by classmates solely because of his last name, which he shares with the most popular President since Abraham Lincoln.

According to WGRU, the bullying has “increased” since Josh’s appearance on national television, with classmates calling his mother “the ultimate snowflake” for “running to Trump to whine about her son being bullied when kids are bullied for more horrible reasons on a daily basis,” as one social media post from a classmate’s mother says.

Josh Trump is a true American hero, and he deserves to be treated as such!

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