Pelosi: ‘I’ll Tear Down The Wall Around My Mansion’ If Trump Gives Up On Wall

Nancy Pelosi: Give up your wall and I'll give up mine.
Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) addresses reporters, telling them she will give up her walls if Trump gives up his. Sunday, February 10, 2019.

Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi often rages about President Trump wanting to keep us safe by building a wall along our southern border. She does this despite owning a home surrounded by numerous massive walls and gates. Now Pelosi, desperate to keep Americans afraid and unsafe, made her “final offer ever” to give President Trump and the American people the wall they deserve.

Pelosi has placed the 150-year-old concrete and brick walls surrounding her home — as well as the gates — on the table if President Trump just gives up on his wall.

“You want my walls gone, Donald? Is that what it would take to make you happy?” Pelosi shrieked on MSNBC Sunday. “I’ll tell you what: if you end your terrible racist venture, if you give up your wall, I’ll tear down the walls around my home.”

“I’ll even do you one better: if you admit that a wall is a stupid idea from a national defense standpoint, I’ll take down the gates and fences around the pool too. ”

Pelosi was referencing President Trump’s recent admonishment for having thick, sturdy walls around her home while saying all Americans should not have the same. Simply put, she’s a hypocrite.

President Trump has not yet responded to Pelosi’s statements, but it’s likely that he will not — because they are too stupid to warrant a response and he’s above petty arguments.

Nancy Pelosi has been doing nothing since becoming Speaker of the House but antagonize President Trump. She has dont nothing to better the country and We the People must demand that she resign.

If you want Pelosi out of office, please call the Patriot Defense League at (870) 427-2819 Ext.3 and pledge your support. It’s time to remove this horrible, anti-American she-witch from office so America can be truly great.

Go away, Speaker Pelosi. Americans don’t want you.

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