Liberal-Run ‘Santa Tracker’ Skips White House In Attack On Trump

Liberals launched a late-game attack in the war on Christmas.

Every year, NORAD opens its doors to a “guest group” who operates the Santa Tracker. This year, it was an organization called the Equality Commission. While the “hosts” of the Santa Tracker typically just decide on a fun route for Santa to take around the world, the EC thought it would be fun to “black out” Washington D.C.

Santa, of course, hit everywhere in the United States except Washington D.C. because, as the group’s leader posted in a now-deleted tweet, “Trump doesn’t deserve a visit from Santa.”

“We didn’t have the option to leave him coal so we did the next best thing and had him skip Washinton D.C. altogether,” the tweet from Espinosa Ruiz-Black said, according to Fox News.

The Santa Tracker is supposed to be a fun, non-partisan thing for all kids to enjoy, but the EC has apparently decided, like all liberal groups, to inject their personal politics into everything. They should be ashamed of themselves.

UPDATE: NORAD spokeswoman Felicia Day says that they have “fixed the tracker to properly show Santa as having stopped at the White House” after an “unfortunate incident,” which they blamed on a “communication mishap.”

“We apologize to all people who were offended by this grievous misstep and assure you that the EC will not be invited back to run the Santa Tracker,” Day says.

The Equality Commission, however, is unapologetic. Spokesman Richard Cumming says that “Santa would not stop by the White House because its occupant tried to ban Muslims from the country and engaged in hate-rants on a regular basis.”

“President Trump is a shameful human being, and it’s a shame that NORAD is pretending otherwise,” Burns continued. “Even Santa would acknowledge that Trump doesn’t deserve a present this year.”

This is sick — using something meant for our children to attack the best President ever. The war on Christmas — and Christians — is real.

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