Loretta Lynn Leaves Note For Fans, Dies Peacefully

Loretta Lynn checked into hospice yesterday looking to spend the last month or two of her life enjoying life on a morphine drip. Unfortunately, this morning, she passed away in her bed with a smile on her 93-year-old face and a note to her fans at her side. The note said:

“Dear fans, I’m dying. I wouldn’t be so okay with it if our President was anyone but the wonderful Donald Trump. Please support him in the next election.”

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Loretta has also donated her entire estate to the MAGA 2020 campaign, and urges everyone else to do the same:

“Whether you have a few dollars or millions, give it to Donald. Don’t let him suffer when the Democrats start registering the caravan to vote.”

Loretta Lynn was 97-years-old. She was a 12-year veteran and served in Italy in 1943 with the Coast Guard during World War II. Her albums have achieved platinum status many times over. She will be buried at the National Cemetery in her birthplace of Butcher Holler, Mississippi. The USS Nimitz will fire 21 shells towards Cuba in her honor.

Thanks for everything, Loretta, you will never be forgotten. President trump has ordered flags to half-staff and the Coast Guard shut down for the day out of respect.

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