BREAKING: Anonymous Border Rancher Comes Forward with Proof She Found Prayer Rugs

The anonymous border rancher President Trump referenced in his tweet about prayer has decided to come forward, at great personal risk, to bring proof that she found Muslamic prayer rugs on her property, left behind in an obvious campsite. Flossie Mae Jenkins, who owns 9000 square hectares — the Mexican unit of measurement required in California — just west of San Diego. Jenkins found nine of the rugs, lined up and facing due east, near a campsite that Looked like something from that Benghazi movie” and “smelled like burnt lamb.”

President Trump didn’t mention her by name for national security reasons, but since she has now come forward, those concerns are over. Jenkins laid out the nine rugs in the courtyard and the White House Forensic Specialist, Art Tubolls, concluded that they are, in fact, the property of terror:

“The people who owned these were very careful in getting here. Let’s not forget that they flew thousands of miles — or came by boat — to Guatamala and El Salvador so they could walk the rest of the way with a migrant caravan not even guaranteed entry. As soon as they got even close, they split off from the group and slipped across the border. They happened upon the south end of the Jenkins ranch and found a safe place to hunker down, slaughter a live animal for Allahu the Moon God and probably engage on some outlandish pervert ritual.

In the morning, After all that trouble, they left those prayer rugs for Americans to find to throw it in their face that they made it — and now people think they’re Mexicans.”

That paints an awfully powerful story. This woman could have the prayer rugs of the next group of fanatics who will rise up to do this country harm. They have to be stopped.

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