BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s Doctor Murdered After Revealing ‘Huge Secret’ To Reporter

On Tuesday, something horrible happened. World-renowned physician Picha Cuchara was brutally murdered outside his home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Cuchara, who famously provided medical services to Michelle Obama for more than three decades, certainly knows a lot of secrets — and many people are saying that he knows something big enough for the Obamas to want to shut him up.

The details of Cuchara’s death are suspicious to say the least. According to D.C. Metro Police, the assailant walked to Cuchara’s home and ambushed him while he was taking out the trash. He slit the doctor’s throat and then carved a large “MO” into the flesh on the back of Cuchara’s neck. “MO” is, of course, Michelle Obama’s initials.

Also, the assailant, who has not yet been named, received a “hefty cash deposit from an offshore account” the day before the murder, police say.

The timing is also suspect. Cuchara was killed no more than three hours after returning home from meeting with an unnamed reporter, police say. And according to his wife, he spilled a lot of information in that interview.

“He told the reporter many intimate details about the former First Lady,” Cuchara’s wife, Concha, told Freedom Daily through a veil of tears. “He was asked to address some rumors about the First Lady’s biological womanhood and he did. He was supposed to meet the reporter with evidence tomorrow.”

The information apparently relates to a long-held belief that Michelle Obama was born a man.

It’s no secret that Democrates like to kill people who expose their secrets. Is that what happened here?

“We’ll be wanting to speak to both of the Obamas, that’s for sure,” D.C. Police Chief Malcolm Reynolds says. “They seem to be very connected to this, and we would like to have more information.”

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