Militant Black Group Blocks Pennsylvania Ave For MLK Day Protest


Protesters denounce fatal shootings by the police of two black men across the country during a demonstration, in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. July 8, 2016. REUTERS/Ricardo Arduengo

January 21st in America, is the day we celebrate the great works, ideology, and sacrifice of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.  However, in Washington D.C., a radical group of black activists is using it as an excuse to push a liberal anti-Trump agenda by blocking off the street to the White House.

CNN anchor Don Lemon is rumored to be within the crowd wearing a pair of glasses to “Clark Kent” his way in anonymity.

Operation Blaque Spear, the group reportedly headed by Malia Obama, started their thousands-strong “occupation” of the thoroughfare at 9 a.m., chanting slogans like : “Black Lives Matter – Crackers Better Scatter!” and “Trump love his klan boys, beat ’em til they make noise.”  Nearby, a sympathetic group of Code Pink members seems content to play U-2’s “Unforgettable Fire” album on repeat at a steady volume.

While bandleader Bono has taken up many African-related causes, guitarist The Edge uses his vast wealth to buy cool Warcraft shit.

D.C. Police have cordoned off the area near 0the White House.  Counter-protesters from the groups “Overweight Bikers for Trump”, and “One-eyed Texas Trump Children” are showing up sparsely, but gradually.  Oxygen tents and waste buckets are being set up for their use.

“Juggalos for Trump” were unable to appear due to a previous engagement at a de-lousing clinic.

So far, no incidents of violence, looting, or vandalism have been reported, but with these thugs, we’d better keep a close eye out.  They have a dream, after all.