BREAKING: Judge That Ruled Against Trump Has Many Clinton Family Connections

Justice Maria Sandra Batt-Reznovich, the woman who just ruled that a bunch of Democrat scammers can sue our President in New York, Has long ties to the Clinton family and their scandals. In fact, Reznovich is married to Democrat operative Art Tubolls, who serves misinformation to the right for a living under the guise of proffering political satire. It really pisses some people off. This couple has not only used their influence and power to shield the Clintons from prosecution for their crimes, but they have also actively taken place in war profiteering.

The connections to the Clintons are so blatant we can lay them out in a short, yet effectively dramatic list:

  • Reznovich went to Stanford the same year Clinton’s therapist went to Yale. Besides that, They both saw the same dentist for 5 consecutive years, within 6 months of each other. They claim to not know each other and to have never crossed paths, which given the information, is not possible.
  • Tubolls and his company, Paid Liberal Collaborators, spent millions supporting Clinton. There is no record of any transactions between and the transfers have no identifying markers, but no fewer than 11 specialists have found that the connection is undeniable. The resulting scenario is, inevitably, that Tubools was given command of the Clinton Foundation Shipping Fleet, which was shut down at the Port of Baltimore last year and charged with trafficking in drugs, weapons, and foreign girls that were still white enough to sell to heartland Americans.
  • Clinton once wrote, “I have never seen a more beautiful couple than two of my friends, who have never been married but are never apart.” While investigations into the odd quote by Trey Gowdy’s congressional committee found more than 100 unwed couples in the Clinton circle that this quote could apply to, those 11 professional sciencers are, once again, convinced.
  • The 769 specialists in the same field who have “refuted” these findings are all known liberals with college degrees in lower-paying sciencer jobs who have to say things like that to keep their taxpayer subsidies and pay their student loans. They will always be bitter that they didn’t join the military and then go into AC repair like smart people.
  • George Soros uses the term “Art” when he refers to “one of his favorite things.” Clever, but we see right through it.
  • Global warming somehow became climate change, so now Trump can be charged with a crime. Even if guilty he’s already working on suspending stupid rules that keep him from doing stuff. But still, if it all crashes down, stay safe and try not to hurt yourself. Stock up on canned peaches now.

Steps are already underway to have this judge removed at the Federal level under the Hortifuctus Clause of section 31. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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