BREAKING: Whoopi Goldberg Fired From ‘The View’ After ‘Whiteface’ Controversy

Yesterday on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg criticized Republican state Senator Tommy Norment for his role in the blackface scandal that has revealed Democrats in Virginia to be who we always knew they were. Norment was the editor of the school paper, which featured multiple prominent Democrats in blackface and wearing — unsurprisingly — KKK outfits.

She didn’t mention the Democrats, but she spoke heavily — without interruption — about how “it’s always the Republicans who are the racists.”

But today, one of Whoopi’s own scandals came back to haunt her — her 1997 Grammys entrance, which featured her in full “whiteface.” This act is every bit as despicable as a white Democrat wearing blackface and posing in a photograph with another white Democrat in a Klan robe. When people finally collectively remembered what she done, there was much outrage.

According to ABC, the network received “thousands of calls regarding the incident.” While ABC initially didn’t say what action will be taken, spokeswoman Jong Harper later confirmed that “Whoopi Goldberg has resigned her position on the show, effective immediately.”

For now, her spot will be filled by popular conservative columnist Cassandra Fairbanks, but that is a “temporary arrangement expected to last two weeks at most.” ABC says they are currently in talks with Roseanne Barr, whom Prong says would “provide a nice counterpart to Rosie O’Donnell, who is anti-Trump.”

Unfortunately, the network will be forced to pay out the remainder of Goldberg’s 12-year, $75 million per year contract — so Goldberg stands to make millions off of her replacement’s hard work.

Goldberg has thus far refused to issue an apology, saying that her offensive gesture “is not the same as a white person wearing blackface.”

Goldberg says she plans to sue ABC for “wrongful termination.”

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