Sasha Sandhu, who runs the “Angel of Simple Souls Housing Our Lost Enlisted” in New York City, is not a fan of our president, the great and merciful Donald J. Trump.

The shelter she lords over caters exclusively to homeless veterans , which in nyc alone number almost 200 million.  You’d think that she would offer help to any vet, regardless of political views, especially since liberals always talk about garbage like “equality” and “human rights”. But this is not the case at A.S.S.H.O.L.E.  Ms. Sandhu openly discriminates against Trump supporters. She stated,


”If you support the Orange Shitgibbon, you do not support America. Real veterans fought against sociopathic fascists. I will not have fake soldiers who support them in MY house”

Sasha Sandhu

As a result of this policy, she has begun refusing shelter to any vet in a red MAGA hat (blue or white are okay). She will not let them have a bed. She will not let them eat and be fed. She will not welcome them in the night. She will not let them fly a kite.

One red MAGA hat wearing vet loudly complained and threatened to call the police for discrimination. As a result, Ms Sandhu directed all the liberal sycophant vets – who are obviously the ones who should really be denied shelter – to mock him and throw rotten vegetables from their dinner plates at him. They were happy to do so because they were rotten and they weren’t about to eat them anyway.

Of all the cruelties possible, cauliflower was thrown. Rotten or not, cauliflower should never be touched by people. It’s disgusting.

This is what liberal democrats call compassion and help for our veterans. It’s despicable and we can only hope that Sasha Sandhu is held accountable. But she’s in liberal communist fascist New York so we’re not holding our breath.