UPDATE: Democrat Ilhen Omar’s Weird ‘Terrorist’ Hand Gesture Explained


If you’ve been wondering what Muslamic Democrat Congresswoman Ilhen Omar’s weird hand gestures mean, you’re not alone. Omar is often photographed making the same hand gesture, which Sean Hannity called “strange” the other night. Brett Bair went a step further and asked if it was some sort of “weird terrorist hand gesture.”

You won’t find any meaning in this gesture in America. But you will find meaning in Somalian sign language. The ADA Guide To Somali Sign Language states that “a raised hand with thumb and pinkie outstretched and the middle three fingers upright” is “something often used by deaf members of Islamist militant groups to mean ‘Death to America’.”

“This is not a phrase you would see in polite, everyday conversation,” the Guide says, noting that “if you see someone use this hand gesture, it is likely that they are a member of a terrorist organization or a sympathizer.”

The hand gesture is used to “signal that an attack is coming soon,” the Guide notes. So far, Omar has not been associated with any attack.

Omar has been observed making this hand gesture more than 40 times. Previously, a representative for Omar had told Fox News that she was simply “holding up her hand” and accused the reporter of “being racist by assuming that any hand gesture was being made.”

Omar has previously been linked to multiple Muslamic separatist groups, including Ant ‘Ahmaq Sakhif, a dangerous multinational group responsible for at least 12 violent terrorist attacks worldwide.

We can’t tolerate this. It’s time for Americans to demand that she resign from office. We can’t tolerate having an enemy in office. That’s not who we are as Americans or as humans. If you want to demand that she leave office, call her office at 202-224-4343 and let her know what’s what.

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